Quality without power!

13 January 2017

Frank Amato, Photographer, Australia

Well ok I’ve got the power but it lies within these ‘bute’ battery powered Profoto units that makes lighting subjects in all sorts of environments a breeze! 

No longer do I need to hunt around looking for power points and secure meters and meters of electrical cord for a photograph that may only take minutes to shoot.

Future 2 Bike Ride Start at Parliament House

Self powered Profoto lights set up within minutes ensuring minimal disruption.

Photographs by Frank Amato

So why am I telling you this?

Well… all that extra set up and strike down time used to be factored into the overall cost of an on location environmental photo shoot. It’s now reduced many of my environmental group photography costs by 25%. An added bonus is that i’m less likely to encounter oh&s restrictions at any given location meaning set up options/alternatives are far greater.


Reduced set up time/hassle makes everyone happy!

Photograph by Frank Amato

So next time you’re looking to have a quality, well lit and colour balanced photograph of your team, remember to ask your photographer of choice how they plan to light the subjects. On camera flash just won’t cut it in a large group photo most of the time as shadows, colour shifts and hot spots become problematic.

Feel free to touch base with any questions as I’m always happy to advise without obligation.

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Frank Amato